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I still do May 27, 2008

Filed under: My Poems — ritchiepermadi @ 10:23 pm

So close, yet so distant.

The more I try to get close to you,

the more I feel the distance between us.

So similar, yet so different.

The more I find things in common,

the more I realized that we are just friends.

There are so many things I just don’t know about you,

and that makes me want to know you more.

But it seems that a friend can’t get farther than this.

And I’m only an inch away from heartbroken as you speak of others,

who pass your heart, where I want to belong.

I hope I can just say something to you all the time.

Something stupid that you already knew.

That feeling has not yet faded.

It still burns brightly in my heart.

Ever since, I have been wondering of how you feel about me.

I once regretted that moment.

That moment when I spoke the truth.

I hope I said that much later, when I can show you that I care for you.

I hope I said that when I asked you of your true feelings.

When there are no longer any restrictions.

But you already know, so I’m going to say this again, and again :

I love you. And I still do.


4 Responses to “I still do”

  1. Ayamo Says:

    ini dia puisi yng gue tunggu2 dari sang maestro, haha
    puisinya bagus bokk, sama sperti yng gue alamin, huhuhu T^T
    tp laen kali pake bahasa indo aja yee, biar gue ga buka kamus gituu, wakakak
    gue tunggu lagi puisi2nyaaaa yah, hehe

  2. Tya Says:

    aduh. ngejleb..

  3. deii Says:

    chie. super bagus. super indah.
    hahahah XP

  4. ditta Says:

    gw lebih suka puisi lo yang ini dari pada 29-05-2008.
    lebih dalem,,
    satu kurangnya..
    pake b.inggris,, gw kan ngga ngerti.

    *akhirnya bisa OL lagi. huff

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